SomantiX announces establishment of Scientific Advisory Board

July 07, 2011

Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - July 7, 2011 - SomantiX B.V., a biotech company focused on the development of new angiogenesis inhibitors, announces the establishment of its Scientific Advisory Board.

Tumor growth is dependent on neo-vascularization. Tumor endothelium is activated and phenotypically adapted to the special needs of tumor cells. The genomic stability of (tumor) endothelial cells makes targeting of these cells an attractive alternative for the currently used angiostatics that intervene with tumor growth factor (receptor) signaling. The newly installed Scientific Advisory Board will support the Company in the development of cancer therapies based on the specific targeting of tumor vasculature.

The Scientific Advisory Board members are:
• Roy Bicknell, PhD, Professor of Molecular Angiogenesis at the University of Birmingham, UK.
• Michael Carducci, MD, Aegon Professor in Prostate Cancer Research, Professor of
Oncology and Urology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and full-time Staff
at The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, Baltimore, US.
• Lee M. Ellis, MD, Professor of Surgery and Cancer Biology, Departments of Surgical
Oncology and Cancer Biology, Chair, Ad Interim, Department of Cancer Biology, Director
Metastasis Research Center, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,
Houston, US.
• Stefan Schulte-Merker, PhD, Professor of Experimental Zoology at Wageningen University,
the Netherlands and staff scientist at the Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

“We are very pleased with the enthusiasm with which these outstanding international experts are joining our Scientific Advisory Board. This complementary team will give a strong boost to SomantiX, its research programs and its ambitious plans to bring its proprietary targets and technologies towards the clinic”, said Mark Krul, managing director of SomantiX.

About SomantiX B.V.
SomantiX B.V. is a Dutch biotech company founded in 2008 by Aglaia Oncology Seed Fund. SomantiX focuses on the development of agents for imaging and therapy of solid cancers through targeting of tumor blood vessels. These agents are directed against a number of highly specific, proprietary targets of angiogenically activated endothelial cells. The company is continuously expanding its collection of proprietary tumor endothelial cell targets as well as its panel of assays for new target identification, target validation and experimental drug testing.

SomantiX’ technology and IP portfolio originated from the research performed by prof. A. W. Griffioen. The Medical Oncology department of the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, headed by prof. H.M.W. Verheul, serves as the company’s primary research partner. The SomantiX laboratories are located at the VU University Medical Center premises in Amsterdam the Netherlands. For more information, please visit

Contact: Mark Krul, PhD Managing Director SomantiX B.V. Phone: +31 (0)30-2296096 E-mail:

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