SomantiX and VU University Medical Center Amsterdam receive EuroTransBio (ETB) Grant for Tumor Vessel Targeting program

November 08, 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 7th 2011 – The grant of EUR 1.5 million is awarded to a multidisciplinary consortium including SomantiX and the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam by the European collaborative ETB program. The subsidy is for a three year period and will allow design and development of small molecules for the inhibition of tumor angiogenesis in colon cancer.

Sanne Weijzen, managing director of SomantiX, "We are delighted with the recognition and support for our Tumor Vessel Targeting program by the ETB. This strong and synergistic consortium will enable SomantiX to develop specific small molecule drugs against our proprietary targets.”

The project is a collaboration between the Dutch partners SomantiX BV and the Angiogenesis Laboratory of the Department of Medical Oncology at VU University Medical Center, and the German partners ElexoPharm GmbH, PharmBioTec GmbH and Saarland University.

About SomantiX: SomantiX is a Dutch biotech company founded in 2008 by Aglaia Oncology Seed Fund. SomantiX focuses on the development of agents for imaging and therapy of solid cancers through targeting of tumor blood vessels. These agents are directed against a number of highly specific, proprietary targets on activated endothelial cells. The company is continuously expanding its collection of proprietary tumor endothelial cell targets as well as its panel of assays for new target identification, target validation and experimental drug testing.

About VUmc: VU University Medical Center Amsterdam is the embodiment of distinctive patient care, excellence in higher education and ground-breaking research. VU University Medical Center aims to have a strong impact on future medical knowledge. SomantiX has a close collaboration with the Angiogenesis Laboratory Amsterdam of the Department of Medical Oncology at VU University Medical Center Amsterdam where over 20 researchers are working on the mechanisms of angiogenesis and the development of novel treatment strategies for cancer.

Sanne Weijzen, PhD
Managing Director
SomantiX BV
Phone: +31 (0)30-2296092

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