Publication Demonstrates Strong Preclinical Efficacy of ORCA's lead Compound ORCA-010 in Different Tumor Models

September 25, 2014

Nijmegen, The Netherlands – September 25th, 2014 – ORCA Therapeutics BV, a pioneer in the development of innovative oncolytic virus immunotherapies for treatment of cancer, announced today the publication of strong preclinical efficacy data on ORCA-010 in the upcoming October issue of Human Gene Therapy. ORCA’s lead compound ORCA-010 is a novel oncolytic adenovirus containing the tumor-selectivity conferring E1AΔ24 deletion, the release-enhancing T1 mutation and the infectivity-enhancing fiber-RGD modification.

The data show that through the unique combination of these three modifications in ORCA-010 an oncolytic virus is created that is superior in killing cancer cells compared to earlier generation oncolytic adenoviruses. Intratumoral injection of ORCA-010 in established human tumors xenografted in mice resulted in prolonged survival and eradication of tumors.

“ORCA-010 exerted strong in vivo antitumor activity and is a promising candidate for clinical evaluation” said Victor van Beusechem, Chief Scientific Officer of ORCA Therapeutics. “We are preparing for a clinical study of ORCA-010 in locally recurrent prostate cancer, but the preclinical data indicate that ORCA-010 can be effective in a wide variety of solid tumors”.

“We are excited about these preclinical data” commented Janneke Meulenberg, Chief Executive Officer of ORCA Therapeutics. “The latest advancements in the oncolytic virus field have provided an increasing body of evidence that oncolytic viruses not only cause direct tumor cell death through oncolysis, but also have the potential to induce immune responses targeting tumor cells. Hence, we are looking forward to further investigate to what extend these different attributes contribute to the efficacy of ORCA-010 in prostate cancer patients”.

About ORCA Therapeutics

ORCA Therapeutics BV is a biopharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of innovative anticancer therapies based on the highly promising approach of Oncolytic Replication Competent Agents (ORCA). ORCA Therapeutics’ technology and IP portfolio originates from the groundbreaking research performed at the Department of Medical Oncology at the VU University Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company has a platform of technologies to engineer highly potent oncolytic adenoviruses. ORCA Therapeutics is currently preparing its lead product ORCA-010 for testing in patients with locally recurrent prostate cancer.

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