MIMETAS and Astellas Expand Partnership to Include Automation and Application Support

June 20, 2023

MIMETAS and Astellas Expand Partnership to Include Automation and Application Support

LEIDEN, the Netherlands, June 20, 2023. MIMETAS, a global leader in human disease modeling announces that it has expanded its ongoing partnership with Astellas, a global pharmaceutical company, to include automation and application support.

“We are truly honored by the trust of the Astellas team in our capabilities,” says Paul Vulto, CEO of MIMETAS. “Astellas is a true innovation leader that understands the importance of human-relevant tissue and disease modeling for novel therapy development. We will continue supporting Astellas with our expertise and technology to accelerate therapy development for today’s unmet medical need and contribute to Astellas’ vision to turn innovative science into patient benefits.”

The relationship between Mimetas and Astellas began in 2016, by accepting three scientists from Astellas for hands-on training at MIMETAS. In March 2023, a strategic partnership was announced to devise novel immuno-oncology therapies based on MIMETAS’ comprehensive tumor models. This partnership is to be leveraged by automation and application support, thus expanding the adoption of the MIMETAS platform at Astellas.

MIMETAS (Leiden, The Netherlands) is a global leader in disease modeling using organ-on-a-chip technologies. Its proprietary OrganoPlate® platform enables the development and high-throughput screening of physiologically relevant disease models for drug discovery and development. The company offers its technology and expertise in therapy co-development projects, services, and off-the-shelf products. MIMETAS works with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide to develop novel therapies against unsolved diseases. Founded in 2013 in Leiden, the Netherlands, MIMETAS has grown into a multinational company with operations in Europe, Asia, and the USA. To learn more about MIMETAS' disease modeling capabilities and its OrganoPlate® platform, visit www.mimetas.com.


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