Macrophage Pharma Appoints Dr Venkat Reddy as Chief Executive Officer

June 01, 2021

Macrophage Pharma Appoints Dr Venkat Reddy as Chief Executive Officer

Executive leadership and strategic focus strengthened for sustained company development


01 June 2021, Windsor, UK: Macrophage Pharma Limited (‘MPL’), a company focused on the discovery and early stage development of highly novel small molecule therapeutics with the potential to transform outcome in inflammation, autoimmune disease and cancer through regulation of innate immune response, announced today that its Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Dr Venkat Reddy PhD, has been appointed by the Board as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Commenting on the appointment, Dr Michael Moore, Chairman of Macrophage Pharma, said: “The Board is delighted to have promoted Venkat to CEO. Since joining the Company, Venkat’s influence in combining a strategic biology focus on targets critical for regulated cell death in immune-mediated diseases with the Company’s drug discovery platform based on proprietary Esterase Sensitive Motif™ (ESM™) technology, has been transformative, enhancing the opportunity for commercialisation of our novel small molecule assets for a variety of protein targets and therapeutically unmet diseases.”

Dr Venkat Reddy, CEO of Macrophage Pharma, commented: “I am honoured to have been appointed CEO of Macrophage Pharma. The potential of our ESM™ technology platform to generate novel drugs is compelling as demonstrated by its ability to impact adaptive immunity through selective modulation of myeloid derived innate immune cells. I look forward to continuing my work with Macrophage Pharma’s executive team and Board of Directors to unlock the full therapeutic and commercial potential of the technology across a spectrum of human diseases.”

Venkat Reddy has a successful track record and extensive strategic and management experience from senior executive roles in both European and US biotech and pharma, including Glenmark Pharmaceuticals (SVP, Global Head of Translational Sciences), Pfizer (Senior Director, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, Centers for Therapeutic Innovation), Sanofi (Senior Director, Head, Bio-Innovation France: Global Biotherapeutics) and Novartis (Group leader, GNF). Venkat holds a PhD from the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München and undertook post-doctoral studies in immunology and oncology at the Scripps Research Institute. He has served Macrophage Pharma as Chief Scientific Officer since January 2020.



Macrophage Pharma Limited
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Chief Executive Officer
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About Macrophage Pharma

Macrophage Pharma Limited (MPL) is developing transformative first in class small molecule therapeutics that precisely control or enhance immune responses across disease indications. Utilizing MPL’s proprietary Esterase Sensitive Motif technology (ESMTM), its first in class therapeutics target the innate immune system in a highly selective manner.

The ESM™ platform together with expanded variants of this foundation technology in evolution within MPL, are designed to deliver small molecule drugs selectively, not only to macrophages but also to other cell types expressing the relevant carboxylesterase isoform. The Company’s R&D pipeline is focused on the targeting of key regulatory proteins in chronic inflammation-inducing pathways, such as necroptosis, pyroptosis and inflammasome to address unmet medical need.

The Company was founded by the CRT Pioneer Fund (CPF) and is backed by CPF, Aglaia Oncology Fund II, Novo Holdings A/S and M Ventures. Please visit the company website for further information:


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