InteRNA Technologies secures final extension Series A financing and strengthens its Supervisory Board

November 13, 2015

Nijmegen/Utrecht (the Netherlands) – InteRNA Technologies B.V., a  biopharma
company engaged in the development of microRNA (miRNA)-based therapeutics for
oncology, announces today the closing of an equity financing round. This final extension
of its Series A was co-led by new investors INKEF Capital and Aglaia Oncology Fund II.
Existing shareholders also participated in this round, bringing the total Series A funding
to US$ 10.5 million.

The proceeds of this financing will be used to progress several lead product candidates,
through preclinical studies towards clinical development and for further expansion of the
management team.
InteRNA has miRNA compounds under development with proven pleiotropic effects
across multiple oncogenic signaling pathways and cellular processes. Therefore, these
compounds have the potential to become the next generation of drugs for the treatment
of a broad spectrum of different human cancers.

In parallel to this funding, InteRNA is pleased to announce that Hans Schikan, former
CEO of Prosensa, has become the new chairman of its Supervisory Board. Further
joining him and current member Mark Vaeck (CEO of Complix) on the Supervisory
Board are Lucas de Breed and Karl Rothweiler for the new investors. The Board is
further completed by Samuel Gerssen (for Waterman 40 Holding) and new independent
member Brian Bronk (Sanofi Sunrise, part of the Sanofi Global R&D organization).

“We are very pleased to have these new experienced Board members and professional
investors on board. We are now fully geared up to progress development of our lead
compounds and further validate the power of our platform. The strong Board and
investor base provides us a great outlook on further funding for clinical trials”, said Roel
Schaapveld, CEO of InteRNA Technologies.

Hans Schikan commented: “I am excited to chair the Supervisory Board of InteRNA.
RNA therapeutics are coming of age and have the potential to form a novel class of
drugs next to small molecules and antibodies. InteRNA takes an unique position in the
miRNA field through its agnostic functional screening approach delivering miRNA drug
candidates which regulate multiple genes across cancer pathways.’’
“With the maturation of miRNA as a novel therapeutic modality, we believe that InteRNA
has a strong foundation to translate their proprietary collection of functionally-validated
leads into a clinical pipeline of compelling drug candidates, with the aim to substantially
impact care for cancer patients”, commented Lucas de Breed, PhD, of INKEF Capital.

About INKEF Capital
INKEF is an Amsterdam, the Netherlands, based venture capital firm that is focused on
the long-term collaboration and active support of innovative technology companies.
INKEF was founded in 2010 by Dutch pension fund ABP and with € 200 million under
management, it is one of the largest venture capital funds in the Netherlands. INKEF
focuses on investment opportunities in Healthcare, Technology and IT/NewMedia and
prefers to participate from series A round financing onwards.

About Aglaia Oncology Fund II
Aglaia is a venture capital firm based in Bilthoven, the Netherlands. Aglaia invests in
companies with technologies for the prevention and treatment of cancer. With three
funds under management, Aglaia focuses exclusively on oncology, and distinguishes
from other funds through its early-stage commitment and hands-on involvement. Aglaia
aims to translate groundbreaking research into commercially and clinically successful
products. The clear combination of financial and social return gives form to impact

About InteRNA Technologies B.V.
InteRNA Technologies develops cancer therapeutics based on a broadly applicable
proprietary technology platform for the rapid identification and validation of therapeutic
miRNAs. At present, InteRNA has established in vivo proof of concept for multiple
pipeline candidates. The Company is pursuing a proactive partnership strategy to
acquire appropriate delivery technologies for its products and expects to engage in
corporate partnerships to progress several of its products into clinical development.
InteRNA Technologies was incorporated by Aglaia Oncology Fund I as a spin-off from
the Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
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