Oncology Drug Development in Practice (ODDP) March 24-26, 2021

September 25, 2020

Oncology Drug Development in Practice (ODDP) 2021 is a 3-day educational program designed for professionals in industry and academia who wish to acquire or expand their knowledge of drug development in oncology.

Target Audience

This program is of particular interest to drug development professionals in pharma and biotech companies. It is also relevant for (junior) physicians at academic or private clinical centers involved in the clinical development of new cancer therapies. Participants may choose to register for Part A, Part B or Part A & B combined, depending on their personal educational aims and prior knowledge of oncology.

Part A provides basic education on cancer biology, diagnosis and treatment and is therefore of interest to anyone looking to acquire general oncology knowledge. 

For successful participation in either part, an understanding of the basic principles of biology and medicine at the graduate level is recommended. 

Why participate in ODDP 2021?

  • Exclusively focused on oncology
  • Impressive 16-year track record
  • Highly experienced faculty from academia and industry
  • High participant satisfaction over the years
  • Particularly useful for those entering oncology drug development
  • No upfront oncology knowledge required for successful participation; Part A will provide this
  • Covers the complete anticancer drug development process
  • Provides stand-alone introduction into oncology for a broad audience

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